Guest card of St. Petersburg

Guest card of St. Petersburg
"Guest card of St. Petersburg" will allow you to:

    ✔ Visit more than 70 of the best museums and excursions for free;
     ✔ Pay for travel in transport, not looking for a trifle in your pocket;
     ✔ Save about 30 % on sightseeing;
     ✔ Get discounts in restaurants, souvenir shops;

+ As a gift you get a 190-page guide with information about the city and attractions.

The list of museums with free access includes:

  •    ⋅ Petropavlovskaya fortress
  •    ⋅  The Menshikov Palace
  •    ⋅  Peter's Aquatory
  •    ⋅  Cruiser " Aurora»
  •    ⋅  Museum of defense and blockade of Leningrad
  •    ⋅  State Russian museum
  •    ⋅  ERARTA Museum of contemporary art»
  •    ⋅  Isaakievsky cathedral
  •    ⋅  The Savior on blood
  •    ⋅  Zoological museum
  •    ⋅  Et al.
One of the advantages of this card is the possibility of a free channel cruise with stops at attractions such as Palace square, Summer garden and the Spit of Vasilievsky island!
You can also use this card as a travel card, simply by replenishing the funds at the metro ticket office!
You can buy this card at the reception of the hotel "Admiralteyskaya"!